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Ethereal Ragnarok

Update #1


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Hello RO-Kers,

Please see below list of changes done for today's emergency maintenance.

  1. Fixed Reports
    1. Thief Quest Skill Completion
    2. Stylist User Interface Item Requirement
    3. Suspicious Roda Frog to Martin
  2. Removed mobs that doesn't belong to ep 1.
    • Navigation & Web Database has also been updated to reflect changes.
  3. Improved core logging for server monitoring and optimization.

Note: Please run patcher to update your game files.

As compensation for the emergency maintenance, kindly reward the code "7NOC-3JYS-BOX7" via Kafra Rewards.

Thanks for patiently waiting! Server will be up in 12:40 Server Time. ROK On!

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