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    • My aco will joining .... when you get online ? lets bring old RO feel to here hunt together
    • Hello, I decided to write down my journey on this server. There is no particular reason for this, just for fun. It will be slow paced as I am very casual player. Feel free to comment, advise. Shortly about me: I played RO between 2003-2005. I was playing very casual and I never reached 99/50. This time, I will do my best to have first ever 99/50 character.   I created account 18.9 and started my Blacksmith journey.   Novice Grounds: So I started as STR9, DEX9, VIT9 novice. I talked to various NPC about the game mechanics and levelled up to 5/7 (I think). I equipped novice gear and weapon and went to the novice battle grounds to kill some monsters. It was fun to kill Porings, Fabres and others after those years. I looted everything as I want to be Merchant so I need Zeny for job change. I hit job level 10 by base level 9. Hmm, I want to be stronger before I will join Merchant guild. So I stayed in the training grounds for 3 more base levels. I made about 2000 Zeny selling majority of items. I kept food and herbs + some ores. I think those will be valuable later on. I need to make research what kind of items should I keep in order to get more Zeny later on by selling those items to players. So I am 12/10 Novice and I doing my novice test in order to find out which class I will be. Test result was that I am best suited to be a Merchant, yay! I accepted and went to Alberta. Merchant guild sent me to Prontera, good, I want to level there in the beginning. At first I thought to walk there but than I decided that I prefer to use teleport service so I used Kafra to transport me to Prontera. I delivered the package, received note and went back to Alberta (but first I saved my location to Prontera).   Prontera grounds: Now I am Merchant and I cannot equip my novice gear, I am sad that I forget about it. Well, stuff happens. I went to Prontera again and focused for levelling – first outside of the town on Porings, Ruda Frogs, Willows, etc. Sadly no card, no gear, nothing. I did not expect to be lucky anyway. I was base level 14 when I decided to sell loot and buy some gear. I bought Main Gauche and levelled it to +7, that will help me with small monsters (which I intended to hunt first). I bought also hat, sandals and guard. Now I am without Zeny but I have still about 400 novice red pots so I will be OK for now.   Prontera Culverts: I went to Prontera Culvert dungeon. I spend killing bugs in first stage and I found myself an armor - Jacket, great. I going for VIT build so monsters are doing less and less dmg to me and I do not need to pot even if surrounded by those bugs. Good I will save some money on pots. Spores hits hard and they take long time to kill so I will leave them for now. Familiars are also doing less dmg now, good. Leveling speed is nice, I am starting to feel safe. I slowly progressed thru stage 1 and went to stage 2. I am still leaving Spores and Tarous alive. They still hit hard but time to time I kill some Tarou just to test the killing speed and dmg reduction. There is plenty of mobs to kill so the levelling is quite fast but that is for another day because I have to wake up very early.   Summary of day 1: Playtime about 4h Start: Novice 1/1 End: Merchant 21/16 STR 10 AGI 5 VIT 30 INT 1 DEX 14 LUK 1   Plan for following days: grind stage 2 of Culverts up till base level 30, skill priority: overcharge, discount, push cart, stat priority VIT 40, DEX 20, STR 30 I will post next progress on 23.8 as I am going away for the weekend. Have a good day 😊
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